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Waiting for the green light.

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I'm not gonna lie: I've had the tab to create a new post for about two weeks or so. God knows how many times I've erased and restarted writing this... Then it hit me, while I was crossing the street a few hours ago.

I was walking over a big avenue where public transportation has stations in the middle of the street, and for you to go in you must cross a bridge or a light. These days of the year, the city can get really lonely and there's barely cars outside. Then I saw it, I saw something I get to see too often: A guy running right to the station through an open door, just to avoid the walk to the street light, and to pay the ticket. Truth is, this is very dangerous and you risk your life, safety, and integrity by doing this. And it hit me: We try to do that with our purposes.

I've learned the hard way that if you try to get a "Fast Pass" in certain things in life, you might get hurt, even you might have to start all over for skipping steps, for trying to avoid seasons in your life you're meant to live. But to be honest, if I wouldn't have lived many struggles and hardships in my short life, I wouldn't have gone through many blessings and seen His wonderful love and grace.

For instance, if I would got to school in the time I had planned, I wouldn't have found my church back in Winter Park, FL; and would never got to my home church in Miami, since it was through my Pastors in Winter Park that I got to met my Pastors in Miami, and the wonderful family I got to know up there.

Things like this, experiences like many others, wouldn't have happened if I hadn't wait in His time. I'm not telling you to jump in the midst of what you think has been the greatest hardship of your life, what I'm trying to express through words is... Take courage and be still. Joseph dreamt stars bowing down to him, without realizing that to achieve his dream he would be sold by his siblings, he'd become a slave and be thrown to prison; just to see it come true.

It's a time thing, and perhaps you've heard this many times, but trust me. There's no better thing than waiting rather than running to something it will harm you, your future, and even those around you. Don't rush, don't jump, don't skip processes, don't avoiding making the line; for it will be worth the wait, and everything you've been promised, it will be given in its proper time.

Before the year ends, and without any intention of being cliche, I want to invite you to do the following: Whether you're off work or your daily duties, take a time off to sit down and listen to what's really to come. Before writing your own desires and goals for what's to come, let Him put on the table what He has to offer for the following year. I have no doubt He will show His abundant grace and unexplainable love and wonders to you, as you let Him take over to this next season we are all about to start in this new year.

Let His love talk as you quietly listen, let His marvelous plans run through your heart as you dispose to be leaded. Let His graceful thoughts guide you, as you let Him be the sole captain of everything your soul yearns deeply. Let Him take over before you ask for blessings, and instead thank for what you've seen.

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