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  • Lina Alejandra Pinzón Mendoza

The Way of Love

No matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, we’re bankrupts without love.

Life has taught me a lot of things, and as days goes by and I meditate about the lessons I’ve had, I don’t stop getting surprised by everything that surrounds me. In life, I’ve learned most of the lessons from a Book that has guide me, exhort and even shown me my next step in life, or at least a glimpse of what He wants to talk to me.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in this book, is about the power of Love: Its manifestations, actions; since love is not an act, but the foundation of everything that we see and we don’t see; of everything that happens and ends.

There’s an entire chapter in this Book where it talks about “The Way of Love”. But what is love? According to the dictionary, it is the feeling towards others that naturally attracts and expects reciprocity in the desire of union; where it fulfills us with joy and energy to live with others. 

Love is natural in the dimension where every human being can love; but love is supernatural in the aspect that can do anything. Even sacrifice. Love can manifest in different ways, to different people; but what happens when there’s lack of love?

A man dedicated his entire life to gain knowledge. It was a brilliant man known among others by the abilities he acquired as he studied hard. However, he was tu busy trying to attain knowledge that forgot how to learn how love. The man died ignorant of not knowing what was to love.

I’ve been meditating about knowledge and how desirable might be, and knowledge is nothing bad in order to grow as individuals; but if it’s not enjoyable and favorable for our soul and spirit, knowledge can become a weapon against ourselves full of arrogance. We can gather all the existent knowledge, and we can discover all the mysteries missing to be resolved; but if we don’t have love within us this only will be information.

If love would be added in all knowledge that humankind has; hunger will be over, and we wouldn’t be worrying about getting wealth instead of solutions. Love would be spread in different ways and actions. One day I hope of a world with no cry or pain, but this only will be attained with love in the solution for all of our problems. Because with love, we can be wealthier than anyone with power, knowledge or skills. Adding love to these, will make everything better and brighter.

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