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The Flower and the Vase

I've always loved drawing, but lately I didn't had the chance to do it due work and a busy life. Yes, I feel like a grown-up talking as I now have to pay bills, loans, rent; work and I have a degree with 20 years. And many people get surprised when they find out about my age and they assume I am older (for many women that would be an insult, to me is a compliment well deserved).

Where was I going? Yes, drawing. October is #inktober month and I wanted to try a challenge where I have to draw daily something related to a key word. Unfortunately I lost track but the last two drawing had something very interesting; two words they're almost opposite but with strong meanings: Shattered and teeming.

English is my second language, so specially the second word was something I had to look on the dictionary, and what I found was something revealing that made me write again in this blog of mine. 

Teeming is to be full of, be filled with, be alive with, be brimming with, abound in, be swarming with... 

Jake Parker (creator or the Inktober Initiative) didn't realize he put on the list two powerful words I want to talk about. When I thought of "shattered" the first thought was a broken window, but then I tried to think deep and came up with the idea of a broken mud vase, of the mud potter that could be used to make a new one. 

Sometimes when we are broken for something that has happen in our lives we think we won't be able to be able to do something, or to get out of that season we are going through: A broken heart, being abandoned, just "bad luck", you name it. We ALL go through something we won't think we'll be able to overcome. On the inside, we feel like shattered.

"Whenever the pot the potter was working on turned out badly, as sometimes happens when you are working with clay, the potter would simply start over and use the same clay to make another pot".

When we are facing something we have to use it for our advantage, we have to look the bright side of things and learn something that we will help us be stronger, wiser and better; something that will help us bloom. For us to be able to overcome things more easily as life goes by, is to have life within us: We have to "starve fear and feed faith".

I will heal their waywardness.I will love them lavishly...I will make a fresh start.I will burst into bloom.

We are able to overcome anything if we have faith that all things work together for our own good. And even we don't get it right now, I know for certainty that all is part of the process to be renewed and be a better us, no one else, but us. We have to pursue fulfillment in our lives: Fulfillment of our dreams, purposes, promises; of growing and persevering in anything we might set as goal.

We are to look onto joy and happiness, to "starve" anything that saddens our souls and spirits; we are able to be teeming, like the rose in its blossoming. If there is something in your life that is not letting the best part of your life start, you have to let go and start over... Of course, along faith and love, because without them we are nothing.

Be like the pot that will carry a strong flower, full of beauty, full of life.

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