i am Lina

  • Lina Alejandra Pinzón Mendoza

no shortcuts, please

can we have a WAZE for life?

i don’t think we can. i find hard to believe there is a shortcut to our final destination, to the place we want to get at, to the purpose or goal we want to achieve. And if it does exist, please let me know, because lately I’ve been feeling more than a person needs it, including myself.

You see, many time we get caught up in looking for shortcuts to our dreams, to the places and things we want to achieve in life, and as tempting as it sounds, you’ll never get the full taste of it. In the past couple of months, I’ve realized the value in processes. If you see my background, you’ll see i’ve been tested multiple times in how to enjoy the journey of getting the things, the dreams, the answer to the prayers I sometimes do. Today I heard my pastor say there’s better enjoyment and grief in the journey rather than our point B, the place we want to get.

I’ve been thinking about it, how humankind cannot have, even in this era, things instantly. How we haven’t got to the Black Mirror reality of achieving physical, emotional and mental things such as knowledge, wisdom; love, encouragement through a clic, through an injection or phone app. I’ve realized the things we value the most are those that costs us the most sacrifice. Education, ascending to multiple places, simple goals you have been set for your own life, you name it! The thing is, we wouldn’t enjoy those things if they wouldn’t costs us. The success of having them wouldn’t be near to having sweat and cried all those things we now have due our effort and perseverance.

To sum up, I don’t want a Waze in my life. I wish and pray sometimes I would have the route to my desired destination, but that’s not how reality is. And to be honest, it would take out the fun of it sometimes. I’ve made multiple detours in my life. Some I might regret, some I wouldn’t change for all the gold of the world; because I’ve found myself in the journey, I still find everyday that no matter what route I might take, God is always by my side, never stepping away from my life as many times I wanted Him to go away for the things I didn’t understand in the journey; all the pain I went through and the pain I still am for the unknown. For the unanswered “why’s” I still didn’t get an answer. I might be a stubborn child, but I still am His child.

So, whatever the journey I’m still at, I know I don’t need a shortcut, but I do need direction to keep walking where I want to be. And while I’m still at it, I’ll keep enjoying the view of all the adventures, and even hardships still to come; because life might never be perfect, but it still is beautiful, as I keep looking at the rear mirror and see the things I went through have made me who I am, along the unending love that has never leave my side nor my life.

If you’re still wondering what on earth am I talking about, just relax and enjoy the view of what’s happening in your life; if you’re walking through unsteady roads, slow it down, breather and look up, there’s someone who’s always watching… If you’re currently passing through the best roads, with the capo down and breathing fresh air, relax and enjoy the little things life has given you.

But please, just don’t take shortcuts, otherwise you’ll miss the fun that life has to offer you.

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