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  • Lina Alejandra Pinzón Mendoza

In the Little Things

"The clothes on my back haven't wore out, the shoes on my feet haven't ripped off. I've lived well without luxury yet provision has been present; showing me He's been there, He's been with me this whole time"...

It's been more than year and a half since I left home; and the step of faith I took has been the best and hardest time of my life. Financial struggle has been always present, yet I didn't have a single day where I would go to sleep without food in my mouth, where I would be able to sleep under a roof and where I would wear nice and unripped clothes.

As I was hearing the preach today, about how God loves working in the process to let you see the "real thing" out of everything; I've got the chance to meditate about "the little things" throughout the process that put me where I am now:

With financial struggle in my family, the last two years of high school I was granted with an scholarship in my amazing school I was my whole life due my academic scores. With no chances to get into private school in my country, I patiently waited for almost two years to be granted with an scholarship and be financed by an amazing person in order to go to the university of my dreams, here in United States. 

With fear of not being able to travel, He put the right people in order to finance my travel expenses along the savings I made by working while I patiently waited. Without any chances to graduate, I was able to do it with honors and perfect attendance. With no job opportunities,I made my way to get an internship at school and learn the things I couldn't learn because I graduate halfway where I was intended to graduate.

After hundreds of job applications,I receive an e-mail for a great job in one of the biggest Hispanic networks on United States; for a real job. Few days before I would have to decide move back to my country,I receive a call telling me I got the job, being paid something I planned to be paid by my third job. Thinking I would do a freelance part-time job, I was offered to relocate and work full time with a salary that an Associate's graduate on her first job wouldn't think to get.

The list could go further, because the blessing that have fell in my lap have been countless until now. But I've mentioned you the highlights of many, many things God has granted me with. Yes, I've put all the effort and I've persevere to get where I am, but I wouldn't have done that if I wouldn't been faithful and patient.

But what about the little things that made this come a reality? Are we aware of the these things? There was times where I had no money on my account and a friend would invite to lunch; times where my clothes were halfway done and a friend came with a bag full of clothes and shoes in perfect condition and gave it to me; times where the food I had left multiplied for no reason and I would have more days before money could came in and buy groceries. Even the time I got robbed and I got a barely used phone (way better than the one I had) from a friend.

There hasn't been a single time where a blessing has not come to my life in the right time. And I know blessings won't stop falling as I long as I'm faithful; and even when I lack faith, He will be there. I'm living this season where I'm trying to figure it out what's next for me; but for now, I just have to be thankful for His way to bless me.

"If I flew on morning's wings to the far western horizon, He'd meet me there, He'd be waiting for me. In the night, He'd immersed me in light; because day and night is the same to Him. His presence will go with me, and I'll see the journey to the end".

Take a moment to thank for the little things that have made reality your biggest dreams and the greatest moment of your life. Because in the process His mercy is shown the best, His love is spread the most. And if you don't believe in Him, thank for the little things, because even if you don't feel, believe or see it; He has your feet with shoes, your body with clothes and your mouth full. Thank that you're alive, that if you wake up tomorrow, it's because you still have stuff to do.

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