i am Lina.

My heart on a few verses. Read, reflect and enjoy!

  • Lina Alejandra Pinzón Mendoza

I got this

"He knew what He was doing from the very beginning"... (Romans 8:29a)

He knew that life wasn't going to be easy or perfect, that situations where you just don't understand why does it happen to you just goes through your life and makes it harder overtime.

Why? It's a question that as humans we make everyday, it's our main reaction with why does this happen to me?... He knew this from the very beginning.

We might not know why, but He knows why He let things happen in our lives, most of them, to shape us to be stronger and better. Timing is something I didn't understand for a long time, but now I know that "He got that for me".  Hard times were something that hurt my heart for many years and made me of stones but He doesn't want that for us... He always knows why:

"He decided from the outset to shape the lives of those who love him"... (Romans 8:29b)

Every time we ask ourselves "why", let's try asking questions that won't fill us with more doubt, but those that will help us grow in our faith: How can I learn from this? What does He want to teach me? When it will be the right time to move? Where does He want me to go? Fill your life with faith instead of fear.

Even the darkest nights have the stars shining for us. That's how faith works!: Even we don't see it, we know it's there, we know He got this. 

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