i am Lina

  • Lina Alejandra Pinzón Mendoza


A lot of things have passed through my mind. Many things have happened and I haven't been able to stop and think about some issues that I've been struggling with: My purpose, my path, what I feel and where I want to do. Fear has consumed me for many years, fear of not being loved or appreciated. But I've decided to be fearless, to move forward.

I've decided to let the fear of holding something that I think its mine. I'm not giving up to all of my dreams and to dream; I'm giving up to dreams that don't let me grow and move forward.

Many times we have to die to the things that harm us. And I've been thinking that was the time to end that bond with the dream of waiting for someone who will never expect or dream to be with me.

I've cleared my mind, and I will live for myself. I won't let a person, a habit or anything make me stuck in a place where I won't grow. There are certain things that we love but that leaves us behind, or doesn't let us see beyond what we want.

I hope that maybe I'll encounter that dream again; but I have to face that is isn't the time. And I invite you to think about the things and people that don't let you move forward. You'll see how peaceful your life becomes.

I decided to be fearless, and don't let that everything overcomes me. On the contrary, as I step forward, everything will stumble as I walk with determination towards my real and lasting dreams.

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