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  • Lina Alejandra Pinzón Mendoza

Dusty Roads

I remember when they changed the location of the one-and-only school I went in my life. I remember how open and bumpy the roads were, how the sand and the dust would lift by the cars and wind itself. It was a long way to go, since the school would be located in the heart of the middle of nowhere. A year before I'd graduate from high school they would paved the roads, and it was crystal clear: No more bumps, holes on the ground or the excessive amount of dust that would cost everyone to sneeze; it was a clear road, and yes, it had improved, but the destination never changed, what changed was the way we went towards it.

Truth is, just because the road is full of bumps and holes, or stop lights and signs; doesn't mean it won't take you to your destination. Yes, you might find down the road a lot of delays, but it doesn't mean you'll never get there. You will get there, we all are. Some of us will get sooner of later, but in the meantime, what are we doing in order to enjoy the ride?

I remember contemplating the mist of the early morning, the cows and vast green fields surrounding us; the traffic of the city on our way back, the signs, the drivers, how people would get stuck like sardines on the metro... In the midst of chaos and peace of the city and the countryside, I kept my eyes

open to see how I was getting there.

I've found myself getting caught in the details of my destination, that I forgot that I am not the one deciding if that's the final stop or just a break to be prepared for something greater; and the best part is, that on those breaks, He is just working so I can be ready for what's to come, without letting me be still; but instead He is teaching the lesson of faith.

If Noah wouldn't have believed in the promise of the flood, He wouldn't have been able to see the promise of restoration for the Earth. If Abraham wouldn't have believed in his heart that a lamb would be provided for the sacrifice, the son of the promise would have never lived after the climbed mountain; if Esther wouldn't have trusted in the wisdom and beauty she has on her, the end of a nation could have been registered in history. If two of the twelve spies wouldn't have believed the land was good enough for them to conquer, nor the people would've walked seven days around Jericho, the walls would still be standing. I could go on, but that's for the book (yes, wait for it).

If we'd chose not to follow the bumpy and dusty road, we will never be able to value the paved path it will come afterwards. If we don't believe He will do it, and He will do it again, my friend who is reading this: we won't live at our fullest. When all these people were tested, they were in a level of their lives WAY different from after they went through the faith that had to be tested.

If my parents would have decided the school was too far for us (which, it was, for real; the commute was of 4 hours daily); I would never grow in an environment where God is the center. If I would have accepted the scholarships on Engineering, maybe I could have been graduated by now and have a successful job at it; but I chose to pursue my dream and do what I loved the most... If I would have started college by 2014, I would have never been able to meet people that have influenced me with great power in my spiritual life until today. Maybe I would have never have the English skills I have now in order to write this piece of heart I'm sharing with you; truth is, He works A L L things for our good.

Today I could say I'm walking through the rockiest road of my life so far, and maybe I have no idea where I'm heading right now; but to be honest, I've never been so sure that where I'm heading is the right place in His heart, therefore it will be the best place to be for mine.

Listen: We don't have to understand why we go through the dust and tough road; we have to trust this is the road where everything is going to get better and greater, where your faith and strength will grow as your love and commitment to God comes to a new level in your life. We are getting there... I am getting there; but as I walk in His extravagant grace and peace, I'll faithfully trust He has written a better story for me; He is clearing the way to get back there.

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