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Around the Corner

It was summer of 2017 and I just walked out from class to head church; and the walking distance was less of 10 minutes. But if you are from Florida, you know Summer means two things: Hurricane season and humidity at its 200% (nope, still not used to it). For a moment, it stopped drizzling and I started walking; although I knew I had to fasten my pace in case the rain wouldn't catch me. I was around the corner when it happened.

It felt like Noah's flood came again in a matter of seconds, and there was no place to take cover. I was just a block away, just around the corner to get there. I ran for cover, but that didn't stop the rain, nor the fact that I got to where I wanted to be.

Where are running from? Where are we taking cover from the rain? Is it necessary to run?

To be honest, I would love to run to where I want to be, but moms will always tell us that if we run on wet floor, we might slip and fall. When we run in the process, we are not enjoying it. Yes. It is not easy for me to say that it's been an easy journey, but throughout it, I've learned that you don't run for cover, you walk in the rain covered by the heart of the Father and His plans for your life.

Understand this (and trust me... It has cost me a lot to understand it): It's not that He has come late for your rescue; it's just that He knows that rain won't hurt you, He has just brought it so you can see the outcome of a storm; and when the storm has ended, you can remind how it made you stronger and lifted your faith higher than not going through it.

Like the child in the rain, I will giggle and enjoy as the water runs to my cheeks; and cleanses the tears and the fear of the storm. Like a woman of faith, I won't let the thunders bring fear that I might get hurt, while I wait for my Father to cover me and get me safe where He wants me to be.

Storm season is still going on over here... But while I'm praying and pursuing, while I am building in my hidden blessings and enjoy of this weather; I know my heart is being heard and my plans are being drawn by the One that provides "far more to my life than the food on my stomach, more than my outer appearance or the clothes in my body... Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down, careless in the care of God. And we count far more to him than birds"

Just remember: The sun is always taking cover behind the darkest clouds, just as His plans for you that will shine brighter than those you have lighten with the light of a candle.

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