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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I have a bunch of friends that studied Film (#respect). I always loved being on set, whether it was because I was hanging out, or actually working on it, I always loved it... I actually have a thing for Film and Video, something that I've been working towards to make more than a hobby; and with everything I've done at work and church the passion has grown bigger... But where was I? Film Class.

I remember how my friends would not sleep during the prep of their final project, as they had to hand in "the book": Something that contained from pre-production, location scouting, through color scheme, poster and so on. Must be speaking Chinese, but this book basically contained everything about the production about to be made. Even though I made a lot at school, being on set was the best thing of it all, you could feel like a VIP behind scenes and watching how everything was being produced... The director? It would see it all, he or she would see the whole picture, the outcome; it would orchestrate how the actors would develop on set, how the story would be developed, and if something was not going good, it would "cut" everything that was happening in and outside set. Just like that.

I think that's life itself. You see, I don't think there's a script for life, but I do believe there's a Director behind it. When there's a "cut" in life, it's for us to make a stop and evaluate what is happening, hear from the "boss" and know when we are ready to keep rolling. Truth is, as an actress of life, I don't know what's ahead... I should be scared, but I'm not.

I've been hitting my head to figure it out, to see what's ahead, when I simply can't; but that's the art in it: That we don't see the big picture, the Father does. I think that's what's faith about. Abraham did not see his son saved before the knife went through him, he didn't see the lamb behind the bushes; yet He let God handle it. I think of Joshua waiting on that cell to be remembered by the servant, to be acknowledged to be executed of lifted up from his state of prisoner, and though he saw a glimpse of his future in dreams, he would think of everything but being the right hand of the pharaoh. It's life, we don't see it, yet He does see the whole picture.

And I believe He sees it because He's out of frame. He knows everything surrounding us and what it might come against or in our favor. He is aware of the extras in our life and of which set we are supposed to be in. He is the Director by excellence, and though He knows rough cuts and hard stops in life are difficult to bare; God is just making a stop in it, not a "it's over for you". I believe that for my life, and for this longer cut that's been created; I thrive to listen carefully to what's next, so I can keep walking in obedience as I get closer in this waiting season, and wait as the next "take" comes greater and better for me.

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